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JB Representaciones Internacionales, founded in Ecuador, provides an excellent service as representations agent of auto parts in Latin American markets.

It is currently present in Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Chile, covering and supporting the integrated operation of the represented factories as well as customers who sell, distribute and import auto parts.

It began operations in Ecuador in 1978, represents globally recognized brands and covering the entire market for American, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and European vehicles.



JB Representaciones Internacionales is an Ecuadorian company that seeks to provide a strategic solution to its customers, covering the comprehensive needs in import of auto parts for American, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and European vehicles, being a facilitator which in turn allows to provide an added value to its clients, creating presence and recognition nationally and in Latin America.

Through experience, regionalization, localization and product diversification, it offers highly competitive auto parts alternatives.

Our operation centers are strategically located in major cities of Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Chile, where it is characterized by maintaining its legitimate auto parts brands representation.



Be a leader Ecuadorian company in international representations of auto parts factories with presence and recognition in Latin America and worldwide. Offering integral solution alternatives with added value for its customers and for factories to which it represents.

Where its brainpower find a space focused on growth and development of talent, based on organizational values, increasing strategic business alliances to provide a diversified portfolio of products in the segment after sales automotive and align future trends of value chain in auto parts as well as keep up with the latest technology in the automotive field.




Offer our customers a comprehensive service of representation of factories of high prestige and worldwide quality, being a facilitator which in turn allows it to be an added value to their own customers. Through:

  • Generate solutions tailored to customers and factories, considering each of the organizational structures and requirements of plants.
  • Provide the experience of the staff working in the company
  • Capitalize networking company that contribute to mutual and sustainable growth.

Within an ethical framework to achieve the customer and factory loyalty.



  • Respect and Integrity
  • Reliability and excellence
  • Spirit of service and response time


Tactical and strategic objectives have been developed in JB Representaciones Internacionales, for fulfilling the mission and vision of the company:

  • Increase customer base
  • Increase the portfolio of products offered by increasing the number of factories represented
  • JB Representaciones Internacionales Growth focused on the Latin American market
  • Strengthen the corporate image
  • Technology Implementation
  • Strengthen strategic alliances
  • Develop analysis of return on investment
  • Evaluation of profitability and budget for each project of the company
  • Provide advice to new importers of the represented brands
  • Position the represented brands in the Latin America markets



Communicate the company's vision, mission, values and goals to the organization as a way to create the feeling of belonging to it and that each person knows how their work contributes to the achievement of organizational and personal objectives. This is done through meetings with the working groups.

It can be summarized that the strategic role of JB Representaciones Internacionales in the value chain is to provide comprehensive service and integral support in order management and providing products material market.

productos serviciosPRODUCTS

JB Representaciones Internacionales provides, in the Latin American market, auto parts products for wide range of vehicles in Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia and Chile.


JB Representaciones Internacionales offers representation service of after-sales brands of factories recognized worldwide for its prestige in quality and performance of the products, which had selected JB to be their representative in Latin America.

The service provided is positioning and for brand development of auto parts in Latin America, providing marketing track and approach to key customers for the development of different product lines.

JB Representaciones Internacionales provides, in the Latin American market, auto parts products for wide range of vehicles in Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia and Chile